Harry Bissett

I’m an Australian product designer working on musical instruments at Ableton in Germany. As Principal UI Designer for Live, I lead the development of Live’s design vision and system, and contribute to features for music creation and performance.

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Black and gray rectangular macOS DMG icon with the word 'Live' in bold white text on its top surface.
Software about dialogs in various colors with the text 'Ableton' and license details.
Dark interface with a central red circular display showing the number 999, flanked by volume and window icons, and a red bar at the bottom.
Red background with a central red circle featuring white arrows pointing inward and the text 'TÜR ZU' in white.
Green triangular sign with a white inner triangle and black owl silhouette. The text 'Naturschutzgebiet' is above the owl.
Road sign on a gray background with directions and route numbers in red, white, black, and green.
Yellow background with red and white chevron road signs.
Two smartwatch screens on a blue background. The left screen shows run time, stacks, and top speed. The right screen displays elevation and speed graphs.
Smartphone screen displaying a list of podcast episodes with titles, times, and brief descriptions.
Two smartphones on a green background, both displaying a podcast player app with the currently playing episode.
A metronome app showing a tempo of 126 beats per minute. Below are buttons for Allegro, Tap, and 1/16 time signatures, along with various settings icons.
Album cover with the title 'States we're in' in red text on a black background, featuring a wavy blue and brown gradient below.
White icon of a bus on a black background.
Booklet with a black cover partially wrapped in a yellow band. The text on the yellow band reads 'Sydney CBD is noisy. Let’s do something about that.'.
Open booklet with a black left page titled 'Night.' featuring a white sound wave graphic, and a white right page titled 'Day.' featuring a yellow sound wave graphic.
Laptop screen displaying a black interface with white text. The screen is divided into sections with various Twitter quotes.
A game map displayed on a handheld console screen with a red overlay.
Three smartphone screens displaying different states of a workout tracking app.
Smartphone screen displaying a workout tracking app with a keypad for entering reps.
Open booklet with a red and white color scheme that has illustrations and descriptions of disruptive design thinking examples.
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